Putting your lifetime achievement in good hands and participating appropriately yourself

This is certainly one of the most difficult and sensitive issues when it comes to securing your own entrepreneurial legacy. This is why 50% to 70% of succession cases fail.

It is not just a question of legal or tax optimization, but rather of reorganizing and filling the management position with and, if necessary, without the entrepreneurial family. At the same time, the new role for the entrepreneur must be designed appropriately.

This situation often also involves a monetary valuation of the company, although a "life's work" can never be valued objectively.

In selected cases, we have provided intensive advice to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families during this long-term and challenging process. We bring our own entrepreneurial experience and a great deal of empathy for all generations to the table. We are aware that each situation is unique and the approach must always be tailored to the individual. This may also include training and coaching the successor.

Developing a strategy

Only transparency in goals, needs and wishes leads to success

First of all, the objectives of the entrepreneur or the main shareholders must be clear, whether financially, emotionally or in terms of future roles. On this basis, it can then be checked within the family whether suitability and potential are sufficient. These often differ from the objectives of other shareholders. However, the prerequisite is always that the requirements of the company are secured, both in terms of management and capital resources.

We help to make these different objectives transparent and to evaluate them in different scenarios. This enables a clear direction to be taken and realistic time horizons to be pursued. In the event of conflicting interests, we mediate between the parties involved.

Determining the enterprise value

The determination of a suitable enterprise value is crucial

Support in the search for potential successors (MBO / MBI)

The initial selection is the smaller task, the more important one is the successful establishment of the successor in both ways, MBO or MBI

Support in the search for investors

Finding the right partner is better than the one with the highest offer

Coaching the transition process

The right choice will fail if there is no support at the beginning

Support in an advisory board or supervisory board if necessary

Not a board of goodwill, but rather competent advice and supervision