MT Management Team — Tailor-made solutions for medium-sized companies

MT Management Team — Tailor-made solutions for medium-sized companies

We advise shareholders and management on challenging entrepreneurial issues and create room for action.

  • We are management consultants with entrepreneurial experience and founded MT Management Team GmbH in 2002 as an independent partnership
  • We are 5 partners and over 10 consultants and focus on medium-sized companies
  • We advise shareholders and management on challenging and important entrepreneurial issues and create room for action with tailor-made solutions. Accordingly, we focus on the following topics in terms of both content and methodology
    • Restructuring and reorganization,
    • Financing and M&A,
    • Growth and
    • Succession in family businesses.
  • Even though the majority of our clients are based in southern Germany, international tasks are also part of our everyday work
  • The size of our clients is generally between 10 and 250 million euros in turnover
  • In the past 10 years, we have completed projects for more than 150 clients

Get to know our team

5 partners and over 10 consultants, each with many years of operational experience

Dr. Markus Brixle,
Managing Partner

Dr. Jan Clasen,
Managing Partner

Prof. Claude Herion,
Associate Partner

Peter Rüffer,
Associate Partner

Rainer Siggelkow,

Our partnership combines entrepreneurial thinking and a high level of expertise. All partners are driven by their experience at leading international management consultancies and many years of working as founders, managing directors or executives at mid-sized companies and investment companies. These long-term, well-founded practical experiences are the basis for acceptance and successful consulting for our clients.

Our consultants are also characterized by a very high level of professional experience of over 15 years on average. This means that they know very quickly where to "look" instead of analyzing aimlessly due to a lack of experience. We ensure the exchange of experience and qualifications through regular internal and external training.

Our consulting approach

MT Management Team's consulting approach is specifically geared to the requirements of mid-sized companies

Our guiding principle is always based on the question of what we would do if it were our company and our own money that we had to decide for. Accordingly, our consulting approach is characterized by the following principles:

  • The problem-solving approach must always follow an entrepreneurial perspective. The company is at the center of our considerations
  • The involvement of all stakeholders forms the basis for the development and implementation of all solutions with the aim of achieving a win-win situation
  • We ensure sustainable implementation, i.e. we only develop solutions that have a relevant chance of implementation and whose levers can be significantly influenced
  • Our work is based on mutual trust, respect and honesty
  • We comply with professional standards
  • We provide consulting services in a cost-efficient manner

We only advise companies if we believe we can make a significant value contribution to solving the issue.

Our network

A strong, proven and trusted network complements our consulting services

There are always issues that we cannot resolve on our own or where we need the support of experts:

  • Lawyers specializing in corporate, employment and insolvency law
  • Experts in the field of process optimization
  • Experts in the field of technology
  • Experts in real estate management
  • Investors from the areas of private equity and mezzanine capital